Totem and Rainforest Tour

Learn  the authentic native stories through the Totem Pole. Walk through the rainforest and visit various Totem Poles along the way.  Each Totem pole has a unique story. You will visit one of the most beautiful and active traditional longhouses found on Revillagigedo  Island.  We promise you will not forget the wonderful smell of the red cedar tree. Walk the trail down to the beach and learn about the ancient history through authentic native stories. Totem Park has an amazing carving shed that has a 42 foot totem pole,  up close and personal. Walk down to the beach and get up close and personal with wildlife on the beach.   

Discover the Rainforest and learn about all of the local trees in the area.  You’ll hear how the Indigenous people once used and still use the land and it’s resources.  Once you are finished with the rainforest tour you will be able to pick out local trees. During  the tour you will be able to see a local 

waterfall where you can take pictures. We’ll  provide an umbrella for you but prepared and pack something to help keep you dry.  

$59.00  per Adult, $39.00 for children (12 and under) 


7:30  AM 

10:00 AM 

12:15 PM 

2:30 PM